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Locality of Khartoum Bahri:

Locality of Khartoum Bahri was established in 2003.

• Geographical Description: -
• Locality of Khartoum Bahri is located between the Blue Nile southwardly and boundaries of the River Nile state (at Garri village) northwardly. It is adjacent to locality of East Nile on the east and is bordered by the River Nile on the west.

• Area:
• the total area of ​​the patch described is 455 sq km ..
• Population:
• according to 2003 census, the population of the locality is about 533.700 inhabitants. However, the massive migration, as a result of its recent various causes, has increased the number of the inhabitants close to 800,000 citizens out of the various tribes of the Sudan.
• Economic activity: -
• Locality of Khartoum Bahri is characterized by several and diverse economic activities. However, agriculture and industry are the mainstay of these activities in the past and future .. Where the major industrial Area of Sudan is located close to the oil refinery and the vast untapped lands which are suitable for both agriculture and animal husbandry.
• Administrative and organizational structure for the locality:
• the locality is administrated through seven main administrations named according to the

Local Government Act of 2007, as follows:
• general management for administrative affairs and Civil Service.
• General management for financial affairs and economic development..
• General management for educational Affairs.
• General management for Health Affairs and environment.
• General management for Urban Planning and Public Utilities
• General management for agricultural affairs and livestock.
• General management for social and cultural affairs, youth and sports and media.
• At the lower-level, and as an executive action, the geographical patch was divided into ​​

Administrative units and basic popular committees:
the three administrative units are named as follows:
• Bahri administrative unity.
• Bahri north unity.
• The unity of northern countryside.
• To administratively make power close to the public, these units are meant to include sub- branches as follows:

• Bahri administrative unit:
Number                       section                                                   site
1                                   al-Madina                                      al-Danagla neighbourhood
2                                   Shambat                                         suq al-Mazad
3                                   Alshargia                  al-Ingaz neighbourhood, south to Saad Gishra market
4                                   Kober                          quarter 3 H Z
5                                   Industrial area          quarter (1)  
6                                   Grand Market            Bahri market
7                                 Saad Gishra market     al-Ingaz North
8                                  Alnagl wa ‘lbitrol          the locality headquarters (east northern part)

• Bahri North unity
Its presidency in the town of al-Halfaya, quarter (7), east to al-Galam schools. It includes the following sections:
Number                                section                                         site
1                                          al-Halfaya                            al-Halfaya, first quarter
2                                          al-Kadaru                   al-Kadaru, east to aviator al-Kadaru Street,
North the oil station
3                                          al-Durushab               al-Durushab                                                  
4                                           al-Sambrab               al-Sambrab market
5                                           Taiba el-Ahamda       al-Sambrab
6                                           Central market          Shambat/ Central market

• Unity of the northern countryside
Its presidency in the suburb of Aljaili
Number                                     section                            site
1                                                 Aljaili                         entrance of Aljaili/ east to Atahaddi Street
2                                                al-Sileit                        Alkhugalab
3                                                 al-Mahagir                   -----